Grab-N-Go Bag


What makes us stick out from the rest is our special food grade packaging on our single serving bags. We know everyone is on the move these days and we want to create an accessible way to eat healthier on the go. This will not only help you with your busy schedule, but will accommodate the life you already live in a healthier way. Just grab a spoon and you are off! Whether your kids need a snack in the car on the way to school, you need an easier breakfast option on your camping trip, want a snack to keep on your desk or need a heartier snack on the plane; we are here for you.

Gluten Free & Vegan
8 grams of protein per serving
6 grams of fiber per serving
Zero Soy
Low sodium
No refined sugars

The 2.5 oz “snack size” bag is great to grab and go, literally. You can pour milk, milk substitutes or yogurt directly into the bag itself and enjoy without a bowl! Bon Appetit.