Head of Production

Megan Savoy

Who is Megan?

  • A Vegan
  • A Scorpio
  • A Feminist
  • An Ally

Meet Megan

Megan is head of production while leading promotions, baking and packaging. She recently started writing blog content for the blog on our website as well as assisting and shooting photos for the brand. Megan has become a solid team member in 2018 for Nora’s Kitchen and we feel pretty darn lucky she is on our team.

A Little About Megan

Megan first started baking when she was young, curious, bored and hungry. She found that watching others enjoy her creations was an even better outcome. Megan found herself staying up late either making art or recreating recipes she watched on TV. She didn’t realize those late night creative pursuits would eventually turn into her lifelong passions. Eventually, Megan went to art school and got her undergrad in Fine Arts Photography and Intermedia. Shortly after getting her degree, she ended up baking at a local pie shop in Portland called The Pie Spot. She loved being back in the kitchen and seeing the joy she brought to others through baking. After many life and career changes, from Portland to New York and back, Megan always found herself in creative and delicious professional roles. She loves exploring the many diverse ways she can adapt to a new environment. Her long list of previous endeavors inform each of her current passions. “Experience is knowledge,” she says.

A Woman of Many Talents

Like every human on earth, Megan is multidimensional. She has always tried to maintain a professional and personal work-life balance. If these are off, she will quickly cut what doesn’t support her. In 2015, she moved to New York City to pursue her creative career and start actively Sketch Writing. After three years of major growth, including going vegan and working six jobs at once, she made the decision to collect herself to really find her life’s true intent. After spending some time at her family’s home in Idaho for the first part of 2018, she returned to Portland to dive back into her personal and professional work. This included starting with Nora’s Kitchen Granola. She also works as a Studio Manager for an industrial design company, works with a friend who has started a resale/consignment webstore and has some sweet future plans of her own up her sleeve.

Why Vegan and Why Granola?

Megan has been vegan since the beginning of 2017. She made a personal decision to change her lifestyle to match her core values and principles. She has been an animal lover since she was a child. After many years as a non-vegan, she frequently ignored or denied the horrors she saw of animal cruelty in the meat and dairy industry either in documentaries or other media. Finally, after encouragement and guidance from a long time vegan friend, she did it. She says that with decisions like these she really is the only one who could do it for herself. Since then, she has an entirely new access point to making and enjoying delicious food. The fact that it is vegan is the extra bit of consciousness she needed. When Megan returned to Portland, Kelsey invited to her to join the team. Megan accepted the offer, excited to help her longtime friend see her vision through. Together they are creating something special for everyone to enjoy.