How to Support Black Lives Matter in Portland

The current public focus has shifted to the continual unfair treatment and inhumane practices conducted by law enforcement against Black Americans. This systemic hatred isn’t a revelation. For decades, and centuries, Black people have had to defend their basic humanity against the racist ideologies that were made to work against them. The countless lives lost just in this year alone by the hands of the police shows those still ignorant that these cases aren’t stand alone, but a part of a deep-rooted system of thought and action held by those we employ to protect and serve. Below are six ways how you can support the BLM Portland Movement.

Protests against anti-blackness and police brutality have taken place around the world to tell those in power that their organized hate and violence will not be tolerated any longer, and never should’ve been tolerated in the first place. Ending police brutality and dismantling systemic racism for people of color has been the goal of the Black Lives Matter movement, and there are multiple ways you can help this come to fruition. Through donating, protesting, signing petitions, sharing resources and educating yourself and those around you we can end the violence perpetrated towards people of color. We have provided a list of links for the multiple ways you can help BLM Portland. And as well, if you have the power to vote, please use it to whatever ability you can. Remember: there are those who were not given their right to their democracy.


David McAtee GoFundMe
Breonna Taylor GoFundMe
Ahmaud Marquez Arbery GoFundMe
George Floyd GoFundMe
List Of Memorial Funds
National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls
Equal Justice Initiative
PDX Protest Bail Fund
Resistance Funds Masterlist
National Bail Fund


Black Mental Health Alliance
Melanin and Mental Health
National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network
The Okra ProjectSupport Black People Masterdoc
BLM Resource ListProtesting Guide
Reclaim The Block Resource List


BLM Petition List
Unmet Goal PetitionsDefund Portland Police
8 Petitions To Sign to Support BLM

PDX POC Food Businesses:

I Love Black Food PDX GuideI Love Black Food PDX Vegan Guide
Find Black-Owned Restaurants in Your City

Books To Read And Bookstores to Support:

Black-Owned Bookstores In the United States
Mahogany Books (ships nationally)
Sistah Scifi
Uncle Bobbie’s Coffee & Books
The Lit Bar
Semicolon Chi
17 Books by Black Authors via MashableThe End of Policing- Alex S. Vitale
White Fragility- Robin DiAngelo
Sister Outsider- Audre Lorde
I’m Still Here-Austin Channing Brown
Me and White Supremacy- Layla F. Saad
How To Be An Antiracist- Ibram X. Kendi
The Skin We’re In- Desmond Cole
So You Want to Talk About Race- Ijeoma Oluo
Policing Black Lives- Robyn Maynard

PDX Artists to Support:

Ansâr Muhammad
Mormin Radcliff
Arvie Smith
Mikai Arion
Intisar Abioto
The Last Artful, Dodgr
Nat Turner Project

This is just a small list compared to the number of new sources coming up/being created every day. We hope you join us in supporting Black Lives. Want to support more black-owned businesses outside of Portland? Check out this helpful resource here.

Written by Drew Valentine