The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants Portland Oregon Has To Offer

The 10 Best Vegan Restaurants Portland Oregon Has To Offer

Portland is a food destination capitol. From different cultures striving to offer a taste of home to where chefs push the boundaries to express themselves in exciting and inventive ways, Portland is home to many staples if you want something good to eat. Something exciting that is happening in Portland is the number of businesses working to offer food for everyone. Yes, we are talking about the people with food restrictions and special diets like gluten free and vegan. Portland is a predominant animal loving city and it only makes sense that we would have some of the most delicious vegan restaurants in the country. Not only are these restaurants known for their lack of animal-based products, but they literally wow us with culinary creativity too. We are happy to share our top to best vegan restaurants Portland, Oregon has to offer, guaranteed to satisfy all of your wildest vegan food dreams. 

1. Epif

404 NE 28th Ave

Owners Pepe and Nichole moved to Portland, Oregon from Chile after running a successful vegetarian restaurant for over 6 years. They opened Epif in 2015, realizing that they could literally build it in their front yard. Offering an entire menu of vegan Andes-region latin classics, like Portabella and Cremini Mushroom Ceviche and a selection of Empanadas. Bonus: The menu is very transparent even noting, nut free, soy free, and gluten free options for those of us with even the strictest dietary restrictions. When it comes to ambiance, appearance, food and service, Epif is hands down one of the top vegan restaurants Portland has to offer.

Must Try Menu Item: Causa

Price: $13

An epic blend of flavors and textures. Mashed potatoes, cream cheese, red peppers, and asparagus, with a Kalamata olive sauce. Seriously every taste bud gets to play. Bonus: Gluten-free and nut-free!


2. Blossoming Lotusblossoming-lotus-vegan-restaurant-pdx

1713 NE 15th Ave

Born in Kapa’a, Hawaii in 2002, Chef Mark Reinfeld and business partner Gabe Zingaro opened this vegan Portland restaurant in 2009. Portland’s Blossoming Lotus is now the only one still serving delicious non-GMO, local vegan food. This place is perfect for a date night, since the fare is elevated compared to other vegan restaurants in town. The service is incredible, we even took a photo with our server. Bonus: Just like with Epif, the menu is super transparent.

Must Try Menu Item: Chantrelle Toast SF

Price: $12

A mouthwatering dynamic toast. Served with chanterelle mushrooms, figs & walnut cheese, saba, chervil on toasted seeded multi-grain bread, honeycrisp apple mustard. Every flavor compliments the next with a punchy mustard and subtle fig flavor. Tastes divine!


3. Aviv

1125 SE Division St.

Aviv opened in May 2017, as a new vegan Israeli restaurant on Division spawned from Tal Caspi’s successful food truck, Gonzo Falafel and Hummus. Beginning as a pop-up they soon opened their doors and have been a major name in vegan restaurants here in Portland, Oregon. Aviv reintroduces Israeli food through a NW vegan lens, offering labneh, bourekas, and even a vegan misozuke egg served with their Shakshuka Brunch and brunch Chilaquiles.

Must Try Menu Item: Shawarma Plate

Price: $16

We love this plate because it offers a little bit of everything. Your choice of Gonzo hummus (over 10 varieties to play with flavor and spice level) Israeli salad, rice, house-made pita, amba, zhoug, and tahini. It’s such a delicious balance of Israeli flavors. Don’t forget to try the ice cream!


4. Off the Griddle

6526 SE Foster Rd.

Off the Griddle began as a food card with burgers and fries, within a year they opened A.N.D Café on SE 54th and Burnside, offering vegan/vegetarian brunch options. After 6 years on Burnside they expanded to their restaurant on SE Foster, combining the brunch and burgers into an upscale dream vegan diner. The staff is friendly and informative. Bonus: They are ALSO transparent about their menu items.

Must Try Menu Item: Crunchy Dill

Price: $8

Always good to see a diner classic “veganized”. Nothing beats a deep-fried, soy-free, gluten-free, Tempura battered salty vinegary dill pickle dipped in vegan ranch. It’s definitely indulgent, but so delicious.


5. Black Water

835 NE Broadway St.

Keeping Portland’s punk scene alive, Black Water brings an entirely vegan menu to NE Broadway. With live punk bands, a section that is all ages, and alcohol for adult patrons, this really is place for everyone. It really feels like old Portland with pinball machines, red painted floor, and black leather booths. They even have CBD soda for those wanting an non-alcoholic beverage.

Must Try Menu Item: French dip

Price: $9

I do not know how they do it, but this is the best french dip I have ever had, ever! With seitan, grilled mushrooms, garlic mayo, and the super flavorful au jus, Black Water has it figured out.


6. The Bye and Bye byeandbye-pdx-vegan-restaurant

1011 NE Alberta St.

One of the original bars under the Lightning Bar Collective, The Bye and Bye serves up delicious and healthy cheap eats. Located on Alberta with a parking lot, huge seating area, mason jar cocktails, a covered patio, and delicious vegan food. The Bye and Bye is a staple among vegan restaurants in Portland. Plus, because the space is so huge, it’s a great place for big groups.

Must Try Menu Item: Eastern Bowl

Price: $10

Such a hearty and well rounded vegan meal. First, their nutritional yeast breaded tofu is insane! Complete with broccoli, brown rice, and a spicy ginger peanut sauce, topped with sesame seeds. For people avoiding grain, you can substitute the brown rice for more broccoli.


7. Sweet Hereafter

3326 SE Belmont St.

Another Portland vegan restaurant that has remained among the top local vegan options for quite some time, and also sister bar to The Bye and Bye under Lightning Bar Collective. Delicious for vegans and non-vegans alike. Sweet Hereafter has rotating weekday specials, and dessert specials daily. Not to mention the giant 32oz. mason jar Long Island Iced Tea is delicious and majorly boozy. Honestly, each dish is so delicious with a wide variety of flavors. Plus, their side is chips and salsa vs. the usual fries.

Must Try Menu Item: Caprese Panini

Price: $9

This vegan Caprese Panini is one of the most delicious sandwiches I have ever had. Made with Chao Cheese, diced tomatoes, basil, and a balsamic reduction served on grilled sourdough it gives me all the crunchy gooey texture with an incredible amount of flavor.


8. Los Gorditos

Six Locations across Portland

Los Gorditos might be the best and most authentic Mexican food in Portland. When they first opened in 2006, they hit the ground running by offering meat, veggie, and vegan options on most of their menu items. From flautas to burritos, sopes to chili relleno, Los Gorditos offers vegan varieties of traditional Mexican dishes. Plus all dishes are below $10 without additions, making Los Gorditos very affordable. Don’t skip their hot sauce bar!

Must Try Menu Item: Vegan Regular Burrito

Price: $6

Honestly, it is so hard to choose. A simple and delicious vegan burrito was our choice, since it is our go-to. It’s practically perfect with beans, rice, lettuce, tomato, cilantro, onion, and avocado at no additional cost.


9. Canteen

2816 Se Stark St.

When we are feeling extra healthy, we always resort to Canteen. Located on SE Stark and 28th this spot offers bowls, salads, juices, smoothies, and shots. It’s hard not to buy a little bit of everything because it is all made fresh with local ingredients. The portions are pretty large, usually yielding two meals if your taste buds don’t demand you finish.

Must Try Menu Item: Bangkok Bowl

Price: $11

My mouth is already watering… Their homemade avocado curry & red curry peanut sauce is so good, possibly drinkable. This tops long brown rice, aduki beans, broccoli, red cabbage, kimchi, and black sesame seeds for a flavorful healthy hearty meal.


10. No Bones Beach ClubNo-bones-beach-club-pdx

404 NE 28th Ave.

Going by the mantra “just because it’s vegan doesn’t mean it sucks,” No Bones started as a food truck in Seattle for hungry vegans. Since then, they have expanded into a Brick and Mortar being the first vegan tiki bar. They then opened their Portland location in January 2017 on Mississippi Avenue. On the menu they have a cocktail dubbed the “Drake Drink,” a tequila, pineapple, jalapeno and passion fruit concoction. The deliciously spicy drink even comes with a photo of the beloved Drake.

Must Try Menu Item: Beer Battered Avocado Tacos

Price: $12

This are ridiculously delicious. Deep fried avocado tacos with a smoky chipotle aioli really owns my cravings lately. So flavorful and unlike anything I have had elsewhere. Even better they are gluten free and soy free.