5 Ways To Support Portland Small Business During A Pandemic

Imagine the streets of Portland without its quaint coffee shops, local specialized eateries, or trinket shops full of handmade gifts. It just wouldn’t be Portland anymore. Without small businesses, the character of each city would be completely lost. This would also mean people’s passions could no longer provide them the income they need to survive. The people running these shops are our neighbors, not millionaires living thousands of miles away. Without them, we wouldn’t have our perfect date spots, the best draft beer you’ve ever had, or our favorite breakfast to wake up to. This pandemic has fallen hard on many of our Portland small business owners, but there’s still so much we can do to make sure they see it through to the other side.

1. Shop Online

Many Portland small businesses are adapting to the new state of social distancing by opening online portals to order their products. Buying directly from a business maximizes the support you can provide to them, as opposed to using third-party delivery companies that come with hefty fees for both consumers and businesses alike. If your favorite spots don’t have an online shop yet, shoot them an email and let them know how much you miss them! A little encouragement really makes a difference with everything up in the air right now.

Speaking of which, don’t forget NKG is offering free delivery in Portland. If you don’t live in Portland you can use our coupon code stayathome for 20% orders over $30!

2. Buy Gift Cards

Pay it forward! Portland Small businesses that offer services rather than products are still unable to open up safely at this current time. If you know you’re going to be going back in the future, purchase a gift card or fill a time slot now to provide them relief while they’re unable to physically take customers. You can also buy a gift card from your favorite restaurant and pass it on to a friend, family member, or an essential employee working on the front lines of the pandemic.

3. Keep on Tipping

Even with Portland’s small businesses slowly picking back up after reopening, many employees are still working on reduced hours. With fewer customers being able to come in this also means fewer opportunities for tips. Restaurant and café workers rely on tips to cover what their minimum wage can’t provide them. The 20% you leave on your check makes a substantial difference in the welfare of your service workers at the end of the day. Pitch in a dollar or two to the employees that are risking their health to provide you the products you love.

4. Take Advantage of Discounts

Many Portland small businesses are creating special deals and discounts on their products to gain some traction after being closed for the last two months. Use this as an opportunity to try new items from places you’ve never been to before; you may find something you love in somewhere you least expect it. And even if you hate it, you still got a great deal for the experience.

5. Get Gift Shopping Out of the Way

Holidays don’t know we’re on lockdown, they’ll still come to pass no matter how inconvenient and weird they might be during the celebration. Give your favorite Portland small business places a boost by shopping for birthdays, events, and holidays as soon as possible. It’ll be a big plus for them to receive instant relief after months of no income, and it’ll be a great weight off your shoulders for the future.

If we don’t want to live in a world where we can only get coffee made one way, food from the only five different chains, or getting the same factory-made gifts for our friends, we need to act now. If financial support isn’t something you can provide, signal boosting the names of Portland small businesses you love may reach someone who will be able to. Anything you can do to help is worth it to the shopkeepers that make your city what it is today.

Written by Drew Valentine